5 Ways to Curb Cravings

4980781_sDon’t become too restricted. Moderation is key, and it is important to allow yourself to slightly indulge from time to time. Having a small treat now and then will help prevent you from overdoing it and throwing your entire diet completely off track.

Get Organized. As we said, it good to indulge now and then, but there are extra measures you can take to prevent over indulgence such as portion sizing your favorite cookies or candy in small plastic snack bags. This will make it much easier to track and control your indulgences.

Get more sleep. The more tired you are throughout the day the more likely you are to reach for sugar and carb-heavy snacks and beverages for energy. If you do need a mid-afternoon boost, stick with a cup of plain coffee or tea.

Drink more water. It’s easy to confuse signals of dehydration with hunger as the symptoms for both are very similar (feeling weak, dizzy, cranky, etc.). Plus, filling up on a tall glass of water can also help prevent overeating at meal time.

Eat Regularly. Allowing too much time to pass between meals increases the likely hood that you’ll reach for the nearest thing for nourishment, including sugary snacks that could derail your dieting goals.