Natural Gelatin Mix

Q: I didn’t think gelatin could be kosher, why is yours marked with a “K”?

We use kosher beef gelatin (certified Ko) in our Natural dessert gelatin mixes. This gelatin tastes as good as regular gelatin products but meets the needs of some our consumers who are not comfortable with pork-based and/or non-kosher gelatin.

Q: Why do you use natural colors?

We use natural colors because many consumers are concerned about using synthetic colors based on some studies that shown a correlation between their use and ADD with children. Overseas, many countries have banned synthetic colors and companies have switched to natural colors in those countries even as they use synthetic colors in the US.

Q: Are your products Natural?

Our Natural product line uses only natural flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. In addition, in our Natural line of products we only use ingredients that are confirmed as acceptable by Whole Foods .

Q: Aren’t all gelatins gluten-free?

A number of different ingredients containing gluten can be added to puddings and gelatins, with various colors being a prime carrier. Always check packages for a “gluten-free” statement before buying – if a product was gluten-free, the manufacturer would say it.

Q: Where can I find your products?

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