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Better Bowls Sugar-Free Chocolate 

The Better Bowls chocolate is just what I’ve been searching for. As a diabetic, I’ve been warned against using any product containing aspartame, so I was elated to find this with Splenda. Hooray! It couldn’t be better, and I would recommend Better Bowls chocolate to anyone. Thanks, Better Bowls.
Better Bowls Sugar Free Instant Chocolate is delicious! Being diabetic and having celiac disease, I was looking for something that was sugar free, without Asparatame, and was also gluten free, which is very difficult to find. Better Bowls fit all of my needs perfectly, and it was delicious! Thank you Better Bowls for such a wonderful product!
R. Applebaum
I ordered the chocolate along with the strawberry gelatin, the Strawberry was so good it took me a while to get to the chocolate. It is DELICIOUS! Secret to an even more decadent low carb chocolate slip? I used the whisk attachment on my mixer and made the recipe on the package but with 1 cup milk and 1 cup half and half. The result is a light, rich, yummy low carb mousse! OMG! Both products I’ve now tried from Better Bowls are very high quality, do not contain aspartame like the products in the store and they taste great. Thanks BB for making these – why can’t you get these on the shelf in the normal store? Maybe switch to a square box so it is easier to fit in tight shelf slots.
M. Campbell
I have been looking for aspertame-free and gelatin for a long time. I happened upon the Better Bowls products on Amazon and decided to give them a try. The chocolate and the strawberry gelatin were both very good. My entire family especially loved the chocolate . I would highly recommend the or the gelatin to anyone wanting a quick, easy sugar-free dessert.
This product it’s exactly what we were looking for and I’ll definitely order it again. I’m very happy with this purchase and I would highly recommend both the product and the seller!
By Mirela

Better Bowls Sugar-Free Vanilla  

Love that it’s made with Splenda instead of aspartame and vanilla is the perfect base to make whatever flavor (I use some instant coffee) you want.
lesnik “Les” (New York)
So happy to have a healthy snack. This set firmly even using non-fat milk. Adding a serving of lite cool whip made it taste even better. Can’t wait to try the chocolate if vanilla was this good.
Carol – daughter of d-day “carolsv” (NJ)
I was really surprised how thick and creamy this was, even in comparison to Jello products on the market. More products need to be made with Splenda…you can’t beat this dessert!
Cynthia E.
I use this product in making Tiramisu. I prefer using this because it is made with splenda as opposed to aspartame which is in most of the other sugar free products. It has fiber, protein and low in fat and calories. It makes my Tiramisu healthier and more nutritious. Finally we have a whipped cream substitute that I prefer.

Better Bowls Sugar-Free Strawberry Gelatin

This gelatin tastes great and is very simple to make. I usually make it (at the last minute) and put it in the freezer for about 90 minutes and it is ready to go. I like that the flavors are natural and not artificial, like Jell-o. The cost is higher than Jell-o, but it is worth it. Tastes better, no aspartame, “high” fiber, and natural flavors. I would recommend this to anyone who already enjoys Jell-o but is looking to get away from aspartame and the other chemicals in Jell-o. Even if you eat the entire package, it is only 80 calories! I would also would recommend this to anyone on Atkins, since it easily fits within the induction phase (and all other phases). Nice way to get a sweet treat and stay on track with weight loss. Raudi
This product is way better than Jello. I was looking for a product that does not contain aspartame, but is still sugar free and delicious. This is it and it should be on the shelves of every market! The taste is fantastic, it contains fiber and is heart healthy. It deserves more than 5 stars! Royal
I follow a low carb diet for health reasons. I love Jello but the brands in the store all either have sugar or aspartame. Better Bowls makes a delicious product that is sweetened with splenda. Very low carb Add fresh or frozen berries to it before it sets (berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries are allowed on most low carb diets including mine) And if you’re feeling particularly decadent, add a spritz of Land O Lakes sugar free spray whipped cream also blissfully made with splenda. (not available everywhere but here in Florida Publix carries it) or make your own topping. YUMMMM!
M. Campbell
I always loved to have sugar-free Jell-O as a dessert with my lunch but lately I have become concerned about artificial colors and couldn’t bear to eat something that clearly has that much Red 40 in it. I went several weeks without any tasty low-cal desserts when… enter Better Bowls! The strawberry flavor is delicious and it is something you can feel good about eating. The vanilla is excellent as well, particularly with a few mini chocolate chips sprinkled on top.
Justine Bunn
Very good sugar free ‘jello’, good full strawberry flavor, and love the fact that it has 5 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein-with only 20 calories!
Sheila Smiles (San Jose, CA)
This jello is easy to make and absolutely delicious. My daughter has been asking for jello, but I did not want to make the stuff with aspartame and Red#40. Not only is it delicious, but it is high in Vitamin C. and Fiber and Gluten free! T. Caporaletti (Lancaster, PA USA)
Love this because it’s made with Splenda instead of aspartame (which I am very allergic to as are many others)and tastes much better than other brands. Will be buying again soon. lesnik “Les” (New York)
Finally, flavored gelatins get healthy! I purchased this product based on the reviews here. It is nice to find sugar free gelatin sweetened with Splenda rather than Nutrasweet. I like that it has natural color and is gluten free. Contains a nice amount of soluble fiber. Easy to make just like regular Jello.

Better Bowls Strawberry Gelatin  

I have a 10 month old who likes to try all kinds of foods, and I like that I can share this with him without giving him anything artificial. It is very easy to prepare–I just heated my water in the microwave. Try it–you won’t be disappointed! Very happy there’s a more natural alternative out there, will be ordering some of the s next! Allie W.
I’ve been really wanting for gelatin lately, but I try not to buy the type at the supermarket because of the dyes and artificial everything in them. I searched Amazon and found Better Bowls Strawberry. It turned out perfectly and had a nice color of red (without red #40). Honestly, I don’t care what color it is as long as it tastes great and sets up well, which this does. Katherine
They are obviously offering a healthier product from the old basic one. Eddie W.

Better Bowls Chocolate

Nutrition wise, this is AWESOME. Per 1/2 cup prepared, there is an estimated 140 calories, 3 grams of fiber, 15% of your day’s worth of calcium, and 7 grams of protein. I’d say it’s great for people on diets: good portion size, moderate amount of calories, very satisfying (protein and fiber), and quick to prepare. Lina
We got it originally for a relative who had special dietary needs. I highly recommend this for people with special diet needs who are looking for a healthy food with substance. It’s also great for anyone looking to eat good tasting healthy food. My kids tried it and loved it. The texture is great, the flavor is fantastic and it has the wonderful bonus of being good for you. This is the snack my kids make for themselves. They think they’re eating a real treat and I know that it’s a treat that is good for them. Tammi O.
Better Bowls Instant is great. It is extremely easy and fast to make to make. It is also high in fiber. A single serving of gives you 3 grams of fiber. It is also gluten free. And best of all—it tastes delicious. A great buy. Elaine G.

Better Bowls Vanilla

Fiber in , how great is that! I was a little worried that it might have an odd texture because of the fiber but it does not, and the taste is good too. Another great bonus…0 Trans Fats. Also nice that it come in a resealable pouch which allows you to easily make one serving at a time. C. Lund
Wanting to make a recipe that I had not made in years which called for mix I hopped onto Amazon one afternoon, did a search for “natural mix” and behold! Better Bowls came up in the search results! I have a child who has red dye intolerance (both red #40 and cochineal/carmine extracts send her skin into fits of eczema those colorants! This didn’t just meet my expectations, but it exceeded them. We’ll be back for more. Mary Ann A.
I never buy the typical store , and fortunately, I found the Better Bowls brand on Amazon. I was so excited to try and was not disappointed when I did. This is fantastic! Jennifer