Simple Ways to Make Any Meal Diabetes-Friendly


Adjust Portion Sizes. If you’re making an apple pie recipe that yields six servings, cut it into eight portions instead.

Make Simple Swaps. Trade regular breads and pastas for the 100% whole-grain variety.

Double Down on Green. The more vegetables you load-up on will result in high-carb, fat, and calorie items being left behind on your plate.

Start With Breakfast. Reach for turkey bacon or turkey sausage instead of pork to lower the fat and calories in your next breakfast.

Know The Fats. Skip saturated fats found in butter, certain meats, cream, and cheese for healthier fats from avocados, walnuts, and olive oil.

Add A Dash. To maintain the flavor of your favorite recipes while still cutting the fat, saute or roast with a little bit of olive oil or cooking spray, then as a finishing touch add a little bit of butter at the end.

Reinvent A Classic. Experiment with recipes, for instance, when making lasagna try making lasagna rolls as it will require fewer noodles and less cheese per serving.

Don’t Give Up. It may take a few tries to get a recipe just right while still cutting fat, carbs, and calories. Keep experimenting with different ingredients and measurements. Not even professional chiefs get it right the first time.